RED ANDERSON joined the Canadian Army in 1939, fought his way through northern Europe with the Calgary Highlanders' Regiment, and returned home in 1945, very glad to be alive. Many years later, he wrote his memoirs of that time, and quite the story he tells. Since he devotes only half a page to his (desperate and heroic) time in Dieppe, I have included, in the pdf of his memoirs, an article written by Elwyn Lister, describing that famous battle.

SANDY FOUBISTER GRUNOW, witty and kind, traveller, sailor, romantic: she left us poetry, too. And this site is pleased to host a few of them, along with a slideshow of "Sandy photos."

MARGARET CAMPBELLl worked as a nurse during the Depression, in the poorest parts of western and northern Canada. But she found time to be a tourist. Today, her week on the Monkman Pass, in 1938, would be termed 'adventure tourism'. We are very lucky that Margaret maintained a scrapbook for most of her life. Thus, we can show you newspaper clippings, pamphlets and even signs made at that time by the Peace River Association devoted to building a road through the Monkman Pass!

A. W. (ADAM WILSON) GRAHAM lived in the days when western North America was being settled by Europeans. He was a surveyor, and - with his father and brother - were caught up in the Riel Rebellion of 1869. We have included here a copy of the diary he made of that time in his life.